Working as a Family to Make a Difference! {Week 46 of the 52 week art challenge}

This weekend our family, along with 125 other blessed souls, participated in a Teaching Conference held at Fresno City College (in the beautifully remolded Old Administration Building) about empowering individuals to rise up and serve their communities. Initially I was worried about how we were going to handle Justice and his naps at the college for two entire days, but to my delight he did pretty well.  He is a social guy after all, and was having a blast exploring and interacting with new people. His naps took place in his stroller, which was a relief. And with Grandma, both big sisters and other willing participants at the Conference, we had plenty of hands to entertain of our active boy.

I volunteered to photograph the weekend long event which kept me pretty busy. It was fun capturing candid moments of all the bright faces that were there. Here are some images that were caught with our family participating in this joyous Teaching Conference.

IMG_1859 IMG_1217bw IMG_1056 IMG_1482 IMG_1685 IMG_1837 IMG_1952 IMG_1698 JJS_0910-1 IMG_1226 IMG_1494 IMG_1623 IMG_1882 IMG_1363 IMG_1935bw IMG_1803 IMG_1797 IMG_1496 IMG_1800 IMG_1977 IMG_2013 IMG_1170

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