My blog may have been quiet for the last few months, but my life certainly has not been!   I am happy to announce that last month I got married to a true “angel” and the love that I had been looking for much of my life, Mr. Bryn Higgins.  We have been brought together by God, I am certain of that! I am so happy to have him as a father to my chosen children, and with him, he adds to our family two more beautiful children that I will cherish.   I am excited to see what future we create together, as it is wide open for us!

Here are some images that capture our special day together.  It was a handmade wedding, put together with the help of both of our wonderful communities, we could not have done it without them. What a beautiful experience to have such loving individuals help us do everything from folding hundreds of paper cranes, making tea sandwiches, creating our special cupcakes, designing giant paper flowers, performing beautiful songs in honor of us and capturing our day with their talent.  We are so blessed.





  • October 24, 2014 - 4:34 pm

    Jackie Ponce - We are so happy for you and your beautiful family Jamie! You deserve all the love and happiness in the world. Can’t wait to see oyu again!
    Love, Alfredo, Jackie, Sirena and Gema

  • August 13, 2015 - 5:33 pm

    The “Will” of God {Week 1 – A photographer’s journey into motherhood} » I See Beauty Blog - […] daughter Marissa.   Only a few months later I met a wonderful man I now have the honor to call my husband.  I was in conversations with him right before getting married about expanding our family. I was […]

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I was so excited to be asked to photograph bright eyed Harper!  At 6 months old, she is full of personality and beauty.  I am certain she lights up every room she enters, just as she did my studio, and will continue to do so as she grows up!

I also had a chance to photograph Harper with her adoring grandparents too!

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When mom and dad walked into my studio with a banjo in tote I could not wait to hear the story behind it. I figured someone played it, but instead, it was a nickname big brother Ryker gave him while he was still in the womb, and it stuck!   They really wanted to capture him with the banjo, and after much patience to get 13 day old Reece asleep, he finally gave in, and we were able to get this sweet first image.  Three years ago when Ryker was a newborn we captured a fabulous set of pictures with him, unrivaled by many.  But once Reece took his nap at the very end of his session, we were able to match those amazing images and get many more sweet moments of the two of them together, I know they will cherish for years to come.

  • June 10, 2014 - 9:57 am

    Makayla - Jen & Brian, those are GORGEOUS! I adore the one with the banjo! Just too much cuteness! <3 Mak

  • June 10, 2014 - 10:03 am

    Suellen - I’m just in awe! Beautiful photos of my adorable grandsons. I’m so proud of my daughter and son-in-law. They are such a beautiful family. And now we have beautiful photos of them!

  • June 10, 2014 - 10:17 am

    Bob Horton - I love the image of the two brothers with the banjo and case. It is a warm scene that draws your attention to it.

    Just wonderful!

  • June 10, 2014 - 10:18 am

    Jennifer Thornton - Thanks again Jamie, once again you’ve captured our family beautifully.

  • June 10, 2014 - 10:20 am

    Leslie Williams - I love these pictures of Banjo and your beautiful family. He is adorable. Big brother is so precious with his little bubba. I can tell he loves him so much. These photos are amazing.

    xoxo, Leslie

  • June 10, 2014 - 10:27 am

    Deena Mathers - Absolutely beautiful photos of my brother’s sweet family! Love them all! Amazing photography with quite the magic touch!!

  • June 10, 2014 - 10:28 am

    Eileen - Amazing photos Jennifer! What a beautiful family! I am going to share with my son Justin and his wife Christina. Don’t know if they’ve thought this far ahead yet! Due in October. Congrats!

  • June 10, 2014 - 10:48 am

    Patty Roberts - Love all the pics of little “Banjo”!!!

  • June 10, 2014 - 11:12 am

    lori - Love these pics!!! Beautiful family.

  • June 10, 2014 - 11:46 am

    jennifer baker - Absolutely perfect!

  • June 10, 2014 - 12:15 pm

    Paulette - Jennifer and Brian, these are such precious pictures of the boys and the both of you. The photographer really captured the love and beauty that radiates in your family. We would love to have copies for the album.

  • June 10, 2014 - 6:08 pm

    Lisa Paggi Fagundes - OMG Jennifer great pics your boys are so cute. Love the banjo pic!

  • June 10, 2014 - 7:33 pm

    Barney Coffman - Wonderful, Beautiful, Awesome, Tender, etc…Pictures.

  • June 10, 2014 - 7:50 pm

    Erin - These pictures are precious. What a wonderful memory for the family. Great job!

  • June 10, 2014 - 11:41 pm

    Lora Hofstetter - Those are too precious!! Love the banjo picture, such a perfect memory!

  • June 11, 2014 - 12:35 am

    Garrett - I love the one with the banjo!!!!!!!

  • June 11, 2014 - 12:51 am

    Cristina Quintero - Absolutely amazing! Love every single one of your photographs.

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Introducing baby Ryan at 8 days old.   We traveled to the Bay Area just to meet him, and he was well worth the journey!


  • March 26, 2014 - 8:13 pm

    Christine - Jamie, these are so sweet!

  • March 26, 2014 - 9:24 pm

    Tracy - So gorgeous ! The picks with Ethan are priceless. I can’t wait to meet him,

  • March 27, 2014 - 6:29 am

    Neepa - What beautiful pictures of both Ryan, both boys and of your whole family!!! So precious! Can’t wait to meet li’l Ryan!! And btw Christine, you look GREAT

  • March 27, 2014 - 7:29 am

    randi - Love the pix- so absolutely adorable- you all look wonderful.

  • March 27, 2014 - 7:32 am

    willie Gray - Excellent!! Great photos of a beautiful baby boy.

  • March 27, 2014 - 11:57 am

    Allison Roodman - I love these so much I wish I had an infant to photograph like this!

  • March 27, 2014 - 1:40 pm

    Ann Davis - Congratulations! He makes a beautiful addition to a beautiful family. So happy for you all!

  • March 27, 2014 - 9:01 pm

    Jenifer - Oh my goodness!! These are just amazing! I love them all – how are you ever going to choose?? You all look amazing (how is that possible with a 9 day old?) and I just adore the look on Ethan’s face. To be a big brother is awesome!!!

  • March 27, 2014 - 9:36 pm

    Gail R. - These are hands down the most beautiful, tasteful and artistic baby/family pictures I have ever seen!

  • March 29, 2014 - 11:25 am

    Nancy Gray - What beautiful pictures! Everyone looks great! It will be hard to choose!!

  • March 29, 2014 - 5:34 pm

    Jerry Shoemaker - What cute pictures.

  • March 29, 2014 - 5:34 pm

    Carilu - OH MY GOSH! Fantastic pictures. What a handsome family, and what well-done photography. Jealous! What joy in new life!

  • March 29, 2014 - 7:49 pm

    Rita Taubman - Thanks for sharing these precious photos. What a treasure to have of little Ryan and big brother Ethan, as well as his handsome parents!

  • March 30, 2014 - 5:38 am

    Peggy - Beautiful photos and two handsome boys!

  • April 1, 2014 - 2:56 pm

    Jay Trietsch - Wonderful pictures Jamie.

  • April 3, 2014 - 8:17 pm

    Marylou Arellano - Awesome pics!

  • April 3, 2014 - 8:18 pm

    ChingChia Yang - Cute pics!!

  • April 7, 2014 - 7:35 pm

    Kate Dahl - Beautiful pictures- I love the brothers together- they are so sweet! Congratulations!

  • April 9, 2014 - 9:34 pm

    Sharon Williams - The pictures are beautiful! I love the smile on Ethan’s face in the second photo.

  • April 14, 2014 - 1:34 am

    Sara Rocha - Precious!! What a beautiful way to capture how special those early days are. Congratz to the beautiful family and their adorable new addition!

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Meet beautiful Lua at 9 days old.  For those who know a bit of her story, you would agree she is a little miracle. She is the first born to a wonderful couple I have known for years, and I am so honored to be asked to capture these early moments in her life.  I know she is loved and adored by many!

  • February 25, 2014 - 4:04 pm

    Leslie Scott - Lua is so pretty in these photos. She was quite a fussy one that day, but you wouldn’t ever know it from these pics. Her beauty was definitely captured!

  • February 25, 2014 - 4:05 pm

    Lisa - What a beautiful baby!

  • February 25, 2014 - 4:13 pm

    Drew Scott - Thanks soo much Jamie. These pictures really capture her actual beauty.

  • February 25, 2014 - 4:18 pm

    Janae - Beautiful pictures of beautiful Lua!!!

  • February 25, 2014 - 4:31 pm

    Wendy Scott - Gorgeous pictures of my first grandchild! You do a wonderful job, Jamie! Thank you!

    Warmly, Wendy

  • February 25, 2014 - 5:09 pm

    Charlotte - Soo beautiful!!!

  • February 25, 2014 - 5:48 pm

    Geoff Colton - These are wonderful pictures of a beautiful girl. What a gem she is. I suppose I am a little biased, however, as she is my grandniece, but I know beauty when I see it!
    Uncle Geoff

  • February 25, 2014 - 10:37 pm

    Chrysie - Such a perfect angel little Lua Claire is!!! These pictures ate gorgeous!!

  • February 26, 2014 - 11:50 am


  • February 27, 2014 - 7:53 pm

    Debbie - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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Meet bright eyed Preston at two weeks old. You may remember his gorgeous mother from her maternity session at the Cambodian Temple. It took us awhile to get him to settle in and sleep, which gave me the much loved baby holding time I always look forward to.  And to top it all off I was delighted that he gave us so many of his sweet little smiles to capture.

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I haven’t seen this growing family since 3 year old Jacob was a newborn. I was so excited to find out that he is now a big brother to 7 month old Emilee who is as cute as can be!

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