I was so thrilled to see this curious little man again.  I last photographed him as a newborn, and we captured some of the most beautiful images then.  In fact, the image of baby in daddy’s hands with the black background, in the above banner, is him! A year later I was blown away at how big he has gotten,  and he is as handsome as ever. I could not resist that juicy bubble hanging from his big smile, I giggle every time I look at it.

Fresno Child Photography

  • January 18, 2009 - 8:38 am

    Anna & Jeremy - LOL! Ok, the drool bubble is hilarious! Very cute pictures. We just showed them to Jace and he got super excited about them. We can’t wait to see the rest of them!! VERY happy to see the blog is back up and running.

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I have been both looking forward to (and nervous about) this first photo session of the new year.  It is not often that I am invited into the home of a fellow photographer, that I highly admire and respect, to photograph their new baby boy.

No matter how much mom fed him, when it came to taking the pictures, he did not want to miss a moment by sleeping. I have a feeling that even at 12 days old, baby Sojourner knew what was going on. After all, with a father like Mariano Friginal, photography must be in his genes.   Thank goodness for his calm nature, which still allowed me the opportunity to capture some wonderful bright eyed photographs.  Congratulations Mariano and Cecilia, Sojourner is a wonderful addition to your beautiful family!

Fresno Newborn Baby Picture

  • January 5, 2009 - 10:13 am

    Mariano Friginal - Jamie… I’m soooo bummed I couldn’t be there for the session… but I’m so excited about the pictures… Look at him, sooo handsome, kinda like me, but just a pinch cuter LOL. Thank you, and can’t wait to come over and see the rest.

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Once in awhile I have the privilege to photograph and extra tiny baby, and Evan is definitely in that category.  He was just a little over 4 pounds at birth and only 10 days old during our session. What a special little boy he is, I even took the opportunity to cuddle and feed him, that always gets my eggs excited!

Now I am off to work preparing for our big New Years Eve celebration that my husband and I are hosting.  We wanted to celebrate sober and with a twist (yes, it is possible to have fun without booze). We are bringing in our African friends once again to have a colorful celebration with drums and loved ones.  I hope all of your celebrations tonight are safe and memorable.   See you next year.

California Newborn Baby Picture

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Introducing my new and improved photography blog for 2009.  I have been working behind the scenes to get this surprise ready for all of you to enjoy. For me, 2009 will prove to be a life changing year, and this is T-H-E front row seat where I will share all my exciting adventures both with all the amazing babies I get to photograph and with my upcoming travels overseas.  Please look around, visit often, and leave lots of comments!

Oh, and I cannot forget to introduce Brady, the first in a string of 4 newborn boys I will be photographing over the next week.  He was so comfortable in daddy’s big hands, what a gem!
Hanford Newborn Baby Pictures

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