This week quickly passed us by since we were all out of town on a little family vacation. I did not bring my pro camera with me, so all I had was my phone to snap a few pictures with. Here is Justice in his 22nd week on our hotel room bed playing on the sheets.  I could not resist the early morning light hitting him so perfectly. It was a week focused on family and the bigger kids, with baby often taking most of our attention it is nice to be able to treat the big ones to some much needed attention too.

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Life with baby Justice has gotten a little sweeter over the past few weeks.  More sleep, more predictability, more smiles and more love! Justice will now give me big slobbery kisses all over the face, and I eat them up every time!  He is still obsessed with his feet and each time we change his diaper they fly up in the air as his feet are so much easier to reach without the diaper.  His hands and any other object he gets a hold of go straight in his mouth for a taste.  And his sense of humor is showing up more as it’s so much easier to make him giggle, delighting everyone around him.

I can see his personality shining through.  I have a feeling he we have one very social and strong willed boy on our hands. These are both great qualities to have if he plans on living up to his name as a champion of justice in the world.

  • December 16, 2015 - 6:44 am

    Michael Higgins - #3: “Oh boy! I am so going over there to get that, that, that shiny thing…”
    #4: “What shiny thing? Why are you asking me? I never left the basket…honest!”
    #5: “This is not the suspect you are looking for. He can go on his way…”
    #7: “Oh…THAT shiny thing…uh…you still love me anyway ’cause I’m so cute…right?”

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As the weeks pass by I am beginning to forget my 52 week project until the last minute. Well, for me it seems last minute as I’ve been waiting till Sunday to do his weekly photos, when I originally wanted to take them on Wednesdays when he actually turns the next week.  With our little man ending his 20th week, we are quickly approaching 5 months?!  He is sitting up so much better, he LOVES his toes, and practices his voice every single morning upon waking up, it’s too cute! He also practices his ear popping scream every 3 hours if he is not fed asap (still haven’t gotten used to that…)

Now that he is sitting more steadily, I can put him in all kinds of containers and figured I would give the carriage a shot again.  We first put him in the carriage at 9 weeks, and here he is double that age and twice as active, but still just as sweet! I love my boy.

Here he is at 2 months sleeping peacefully in the same carriage.

His face lit up when Grandma came into the room. He loves his Gram Gram!

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Over Thanksgiving break we had a house full of teenagers. We do not get to see big brother Ryan very often so we could not pass up the opportunity to have him featured with Justice this week.  They each got double-breasted coats from Dad over the break and we thought it was a perfect time to show them off together. I just have to giggle every time I look at this first image though… Justice reminds me of Zoolander (do you see it?) but way cuter!

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I love the fall colors and could not resist letting baby Justice experience them for himself.  Our strong new sitter (at only 4 months) was happy to sit in a pile of leaves, excited to explore them through touch, and in true baby fashion, taste. I wondered if he would also be willing to lay in them.  Sure enough, no fuss, he went straight for grabbing and holding his feet (something he has been perfecting over the past two weeks). Looks like my little guy may be a nature buff, as he really took the whole scene in and seemed to enjoy being close and personal with nature.

This week, because of the holiday break, we have a house full of kids, 4 teenagers and a baby to be exact. This should be interesting…  Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!

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On Sunday the 15th Justice turned 4 months old. We waited this week to show off his new ability of sitting.  Now granted, he is not getting himself into position, but once balanced, he does rather well on his own. We went in for his 4 month well baby check-up yesterday and his pediatrician was impressed when she saw him sitting on his own and mentioned how this is a 6 month skill.  She also kept commenting on his great head control (which he has had for months now).  Our little guy also had a big growth spurt the last month… he has grown another 2 inches and over 2 pounds since his visit in October, and has officially doubled his birth weight!  He is on a constant search for new experiences, and sitting in one place just wont satisfy his hunger for learning. This little guy is certainly keeping his parents on their toes…

Did I mention he loves to stand?  Crazy to think he has been doing this since he was a few weeks old.

Oh the many faces of Justice!


  • November 21, 2015 - 12:10 am

    Michael Higgins - I like the (obviously) Irish jig he’s a’dancin’ in the 3rd picture. They’re all great, though and you can see a range of emotions from happy to mischievous to all broken up—did you take away his bottle, or what?

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As the weeks pass it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with the 52 “challenge”, but I am committed to keeping it going… for Justice, for family who get to see him grow from afar and for creativity sake.  Although week 16 has come and gone I did not fail on taking a few images of our little man. This time with his big sister Nadya. She is daddy’s youngest (prior to Justice of course) and we get the pleasure of having her home every weekend. She is a great big sister, gentle, sweet and helpful when asked. We love having her around, baby included!

These days Justice is very hands on, grabbing at anything he can get ahold of, including his feet, our noses, lips, hair and daddy’s beard. He loves Beyond Beards and inspecting our faces! (On Sunday he turns 4 months. I am looking forward to taking this next set of upcoming pictures of our growing boy.)

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    Lisa - Those are sweet.

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Our little man was born in the summer and here it is Halloween already, my how fast time flies!?  When he was born Dad commented on how wise he looked.  And each time I change his clothes, as the arms go over his ears, I giggle as he reminds me of the famous Yoda.  To have fun with baby, I decided Yoda is the perfect character to dress him up as.

I was able to construct his costume completely from items on hand and repurposed, all I needed was to put it all together and somehow figure out the hat. With such a big noggin, the hat was the main challenge, but I eventually got it using a cut up green t-shirt. One last thing I needed was a staff for baby to hold (ie: chew) and a brown paper bag did the trick. I think the staff is his favorite part!  So there you have it, a handmade Yoda he is!







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It’s been a long difficult week. A sick baby and a sleepless mom without the help she needed. Glad the worst is over… This is the second series of photos Justice has taken with daddy’s baby blanket thats been around for more than 40 years.  With baby not feeling his best, we kept photos short and sweet this week.

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Today Justice turned 3 months!  It is the benchmark age at which many veteran moms tell me things get easier.  While he is still a pretty fussy guy, he has found a larger vocabulary of communication with us that does not include only crying… Now its screaming, shouting, grunting, coughing, cooing and crying. It is a welcome change (well except for the screaming part). He also is very interactive with us and requires so much stimulation to keep his active mind busy. Just yesterday he rolled from belly to back for the first time which we celebrated.  He is hitting and surpassing his milestones, one after the other.

I still think of him as my little guy, but looking back on his newborn photos, he has gotten so BIG! He has grown over 4 inches and gained more than 5 pounds since birth. He finally fits into his cloth diapers (which I love using) and has outgrown all of his newborn clothes. Below is Justice now and a flashback to 17 days old, can you believe the changes?!?!

His personality is shining through these days. I can see he has a flair for the dramatic, he is so very curious about the world, he loves faces and being read to.  He has even got a little sense of humor coming out lately. His little chuckles melts my heart every time. He has already reached the ‘everything in the mouth’ stage and is now sleeping for a reliable 4 hour stretch at night (although he has taken up fighting sleep big time). Oh, and lets not forget about those beautiful baby blues, he is still holding onto them giving mom lots of hope!


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    Elika Mahony - These photos are so stunning! Look forward to seeing the following weeks and how you continue to photograph your beautiful child.

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