At 10 months old, Justice is growing and changing daily. He has a funny little army crawl, but by far prefers to be on his feet. He is an expert cruiser, can pull himself to standing and walks with us all over the house while holding our hand.  He has not yet found the confidence to walk on his own, but I suspect he will soon. Along with cutting his 7th tooth last week, Justice has a new passion for solid foods and he demands that we share what is on our plate with him.

We are pleased that that he only wakes up once a night to eat (a recent shift from the 3-4 times we had to feed him each night!) He has been practicing his vocal abilities and discovered his ear shattering yell is a great way to get our attention. It is easy to get him to laugh with a silly face, noise or a tickle, and our two kitties bring him so much joy these days.

Big sister assisted me with his 10 month session and I could not help but include her hands and feet.  These high-top Converse with rainbow laces are so her and will go down in my memory as classic 16 year old Marissa.

IMG_9338 IMG_9506 IMG_9443 IMG_9545 IMG_9467bw IMG_9572 IMG_9280 IMG_9501 IMG_9461bw IMG_9382

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This was my first Mother’s day with Justice, and he certainly gave me a reason to remember it. My back was still bothering me so I could not hold him as much as I would have liked to, Daddy and Marissa had to help me out with him in most of the photos. Baby has been getting stronger and with all his teeth, we are feeling the pain lately. He has not quite figured out how to be gentle and has been clawing at our faces, pinching and biting. As Justice and I were taking some pictures together, he moved towards my cheek with what looked like the intention to give me one of his big open mouth kisses that I love so much.   My adoration quickly changed to shock as he bit down and drew blood!  Dad and I have really had to watch out with him these days. I am hoping this stage ends soon.

IMG_8560 IMG_8702 IMG_8777bw IMG_8844 IMG_8680 IMG_8577 IMG_8774 IMG_8664bw IMG_8863

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Late last week I injured my back and have been in so much pain that the bed has been my home. It’s been no fun, and I am missing my boy. But I am so grateful for Daddy, Grandma and sister as they have all stepped up and cared for our active boy while I am healing. Justice started cruising around the furniture and Daddy has been encouraging him more and more to walk. He even commented that I should get better fast as I may miss his first independent steps…  I was able to get up for a bit to take some pictures of baby with his new push toy outside.  I could not bend over due to my back, but these looking down images are fun too!

IMG_8069 IMG_8136 IMG_8072 IMG_8059 IMG_8128 IMG_8094

Now that Justice is a full on crawler, we really have to watch him.  Looks like it is time to childproof the house and put up the cat food that he goes straight for every time…


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Every 3 months I have been photographing Justice in my favorite wooden high chair.  Now at 9 months he is towering well above its top! I am not sure we will even be able to get him to sit in it when he is 12 months as he is already so active.  Yet, the most exciting thing is seeing this boy’s mind grow. He is learning so fast, and just this week I was able to get him to say the word “up” several times, in context. He seems to understand what it means and use it to ask us to pick him up.  It is his first officially taught word!  He has been babbling mama and dada for some time now, but “up” is something I worked with him on.  We also have been teaching him baby signs, but he has yet to sign back.  We will keep at it!


Here is his previous 3 months in the same chair.



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This week we were fortunate enough to have big sister Nadya home during her spring break. It was a perfect time to capture some photos of the two of them, showing how much Justice adores his sister (even when he is extremely tired). If you look closely, his first upper tooth began cutting through. With his new tooth comes a new grin, a cute scrunched up his nose when he smiles!

IMG_7213 IMG_7286 IMG_7271 IMG_7207bw IMG_7437 IMG_7335bw

Justice was so tired that as soon as they laid in the grass, he began crying. He ended up taking a 3 hour after nap after these photos?!


  • April 16, 2016 - 6:12 pm

    Marilyn Higgins - Beautiful shots of Justice & Nadya!!

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Justice is very active these days. Recently he has shown a big burst of learning. He has not been crawling so we have worked with him daily to encourage him to find mobility, and he finally has! His favorite toy, the wooden stacker, has proven to be great motivation. He just started doing his version of an army crawl, pulling with his hands and dragging his lower body behind him.  He has not gone far this way, only a few feet at a time.  But we are still encouraging him to lift up and use his legs, and once he does, I think there will be NO stopping him! He has also been gaining confidence pulling himself up to standing position.

IMG_6987 IMG_6901 IMG_6989 IMG_6926 IMG_7038bw IMG_7108 IMG_7021 IMG_7177 IMG_7037

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This week flew by!  Marissa was home for spring break and we were busy being a family together.  I never got a chance to take out my professional camera, but as usual I took lots of pictures and videos on my phone.  My husband suggested I show off the slo-mo video I took of Justice playing with bubbles for the first time in lieu of the usual photos, so here it is!

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Today our little guy turned 8 months old with lots of new growth and things to share about him. While he has yet to crawl, he is a very active boy; spinning around on his tummy, grabbing anything in sight, he wants to constantly be on the move, and he just started pulling himself up on his own today! Two teeth have come in the last month and he is defiantly using them… His favorite food is yogurt with mashed banana mixed in, gobbling it up every time I offer it. He doesn’t like when I leave his side these days, and will quickly protest if he notices. His velcro cloth diapers are becoming an issue as he can easily take them off now.  He took it off at least 4 or 5 times just trying to get these photos of him this afternoon. Thank goodness we have lots of snap diapers too.

My very favorite thing he does lately is crack up every time we laugh. He loves laughter and I can see he is understanding our emotions and reacting to them more and more.  He has been saying some words on a regular basis in all his babbles; mama, mum, maaaaaaa!, baba, and dada. He is even starting to wave goodbye to people.  He still has proven to be a very social boy, loves meeting other young children and babies and always wants to touch them.  It’s pretty easy to get a smile out of him and strangers delight in his little grins when they interact with Justice. He also is getting to be a pretty good sleeper most nights, sleeping 10-12 hours and waking up about 3 times to eat during that time (one night he only woke up twice!?!) He has been an exhausting pleasure to have in our lives.

IMG_6063 IMG_6438 IMG_6243bw IMG_6342 IMG_6219bw IMG_6392 IMG_6407 IMG_6457 IMG_6377 IMG_6199bw IMG_6495 IMG_6244

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The last two months have been full of new adventures in taste for Justice. He has tried sweet potato, banana, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, apple, mango, egg yolk, celery, yogurt, peas, broccoli, pickles and strawberries, just to name a few.  Some have been more of a success than others.  The day we took his 33 week photos dad wanted him to try purple cauliflower and zucchini. Neither went over terribly well, it was more of something he played with rather than ate. But fun to watch never the less!

IMG_5738 IMG_5771 IMG_6024bw IMG_5854

Look, his first two teeth are showing in his smiles these days!

IMG_5719 IMG_5752bw

He gave the best face when trying zucchini for the first time.


I love his precious profile.


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