A Trip to the Zoo {Week 45 of the 52 week art challenge}

As I have been taking walks around the neighborhood with Justice, I have observed his delight when he sees and gets to interact with the dogs walking our same route.  I figured, his enthusiasm over our kitties and other peoples pets means he may be ready to see the bigger animals at the zoo.  This Memorial weekend we decided to take Justice and our girls, whom are both avid animal lovers as well, to the Fresno Chafee Zoo.

Although it was hot and crowded, and many of the animals were taking refuge in the shade making them hard to spot, the kids had a great time. I think the petting zoo was truly baby’s favorite. That should not be surprising as he is a hands on kind of a guy and has very little fear.  I think our first trip was a success and we look forward to going much more since we have a family pass now!

IMG_0872 IMG_0907 IMG_1040 IMG_0887 IMG_0850 IMG_1038 IMG_0916bw IMG_0957 IMG_0996 IMG_0971bw IMG_0924 IMG_0934 IMG_0846

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