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In the last month Justice has had a burst of growth with new skills.  Early on last month he cut tooth #8. He no longer does his army crawl, but does the typical baby crawl with a robotic flare to it. While he took a few steps on his own 12 days ago, he has not attempted it since. He has been using language, like saying and waving “hi” pretty reliably. Recently as we were listening to his babbles we realized that he is saying “O My God” and copying lots of sounds he hears. Now we have to be more careful what we say around him since is now our little mocking bird! He has also been eating so much more solid food.  Just 2 days ago he had his biggest solid meal ever! He now eagerly eats whatever we are eating for our meals.

One commitment that we have kept over the past 9+ months is cloth diapering our little man. It has been a family endeavor indeed. Dad is the one who cleans off the “solid” waste, I wash and dry the diapers, and sister periodically helps me stuff them. We have over 35 pocket diapers, more than enough for one baby! Ideally we do 2 loads of diaper laundry a week, washing half of his “stash” at a time. Although recently we have been stretching it, perhaps it has gone a bit too far…  Because of waiting too long to wash the most recent load of diapers, I had to do some extra washing to get the smell out of them. With most of his diapers cleaned all at once, this allowed me the opportunity to get a “stash” shot showing off his colorful “fluff.”  We decided to make a heart and put him in the middle of it.  This was no easy task as Justice is a fast mover, but we got it!!!

IMG_2886-11 IMG_2775 IMG_2806 IMG_2864bw

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This week baby was not feeling his best. Restless nights, lower appetite, runny nose and grumpy boy were the challenges we were dealing with. By the time we took these images at the end of the week, he was already on the mend from his sickness and feeling so much better. But to add to feeling crummy, Justice was busy cutting his EIGHTH tooth! It’s not an easy feat to capture his teeth on camera, but he gave me a big toothy grin and you can see them all. I must say, this boy expresses all his feelings without hesitation, and so many of his emotions were present during these photos.

IMG_9992 IMG_0054 IMG_9924bw IMG_9943 IMG_9926bw IMG_0011 IMG_9987 IMG_9955bw IMG_9975 IMG_0056 IMG_9981bw IMG_0092

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Every 3 months I have been photographing Justice in my favorite wooden high chair.  Now at 9 months he is towering well above its top! I am not sure we will even be able to get him to sit in it when he is 12 months as he is already so active.  Yet, the most exciting thing is seeing this boy’s mind grow. He is learning so fast, and just this week I was able to get him to say the word “up” several times, in context. He seems to understand what it means and use it to ask us to pick him up.  It is his first officially taught word!  He has been babbling mama and dada for some time now, but “up” is something I worked with him on.  We also have been teaching him baby signs, but he has yet to sign back.  We will keep at it!


Here is his previous 3 months in the same chair.



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Justice is very active these days. Recently he has shown a big burst of learning. He has not been crawling so we have worked with him daily to encourage him to find mobility, and he finally has! His favorite toy, the wooden stacker, has proven to be great motivation. He just started doing his version of an army crawl, pulling with his hands and dragging his lower body behind him.  He has not gone far this way, only a few feet at a time.  But we are still encouraging him to lift up and use his legs, and once he does, I think there will be NO stopping him! He has also been gaining confidence pulling himself up to standing position.

IMG_6987 IMG_6901 IMG_6989 IMG_6926 IMG_7038bw IMG_7108 IMG_7021 IMG_7177 IMG_7037

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Today our little guy turned 8 months old with lots of new growth and things to share about him. While he has yet to crawl, he is a very active boy; spinning around on his tummy, grabbing anything in sight, he wants to constantly be on the move, and he just started pulling himself up on his own today! Two teeth have come in the last month and he is defiantly using them… His favorite food is yogurt with mashed banana mixed in, gobbling it up every time I offer it. He doesn’t like when I leave his side these days, and will quickly protest if he notices. His velcro cloth diapers are becoming an issue as he can easily take them off now.  He took it off at least 4 or 5 times just trying to get these photos of him this afternoon. Thank goodness we have lots of snap diapers too.

My very favorite thing he does lately is crack up every time we laugh. He loves laughter and I can see he is understanding our emotions and reacting to them more and more.  He has been saying some words on a regular basis in all his babbles; mama, mum, maaaaaaa!, baba, and dada. He is even starting to wave goodbye to people.  He still has proven to be a very social boy, loves meeting other young children and babies and always wants to touch them.  It’s pretty easy to get a smile out of him and strangers delight in his little grins when they interact with Justice. He also is getting to be a pretty good sleeper most nights, sleeping 10-12 hours and waking up about 3 times to eat during that time (one night he only woke up twice!?!) He has been an exhausting pleasure to have in our lives.

IMG_6063 IMG_6438 IMG_6243bw IMG_6342 IMG_6219bw IMG_6392 IMG_6407 IMG_6457 IMG_6377 IMG_6199bw IMG_6495 IMG_6244

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Six months has passed since the day Justice came into this world. He is discovering new things each and every day.  Anything he gets his hands on goes straight into the mouth, even his toes.  He is vocal and eager to communicate these days. This week he started shaking his head “no”. Sometimes it feels like he is genuinely using it to tell us he doesn’t like or want something, other times it seems he is doing it for fun.  It’s been a fussy week for him though, not really sure why, no teeth yet… But he still has plenty of smile moments that we all enjoy.













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Life with baby Justice has gotten a little sweeter over the past few weeks.  More sleep, more predictability, more smiles and more love! Justice will now give me big slobbery kisses all over the face, and I eat them up every time!  He is still obsessed with his feet and each time we change his diaper they fly up in the air as his feet are so much easier to reach without the diaper.  His hands and any other object he gets a hold of go straight in his mouth for a taste.  And his sense of humor is showing up more as it’s so much easier to make him giggle, delighting everyone around him.

I can see his personality shining through.  I have a feeling he we have one very social and strong willed boy on our hands. These are both great qualities to have if he plans on living up to his name as a champion of justice in the world.

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As the weeks pass by I am beginning to forget my 52 week project until the last minute. Well, for me it seems last minute as I’ve been waiting till Sunday to do his weekly photos, when I originally wanted to take them on Wednesdays when he actually turns the next week.  With our little man ending his 20th week, we are quickly approaching 5 months?!  He is sitting up so much better, he LOVES his toes, and practices his voice every single morning upon waking up, it’s too cute! He also practices his ear popping scream every 3 hours if he is not fed asap (still haven’t gotten used to that…)

Now that he is sitting more steadily, I can put him in all kinds of containers and figured I would give the carriage a shot again.  We first put him in the carriage at 9 weeks, and here he is double that age and twice as active, but still just as sweet! I love my boy.

Here he is at 2 months sleeping peacefully in the same carriage.

His face lit up when Grandma came into the room. He loves his Gram Gram!

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On Sunday the 15th Justice turned 4 months old. We waited this week to show off his new ability of sitting.  Now granted, he is not getting himself into position, but once balanced, he does rather well on his own. We went in for his 4 month well baby check-up yesterday and his pediatrician was impressed when she saw him sitting on his own and mentioned how this is a 6 month skill.  She also kept commenting on his great head control (which he has had for months now).  Our little guy also had a big growth spurt the last month… he has grown another 2 inches and over 2 pounds since his visit in October, and has officially doubled his birth weight!  He is on a constant search for new experiences, and sitting in one place just wont satisfy his hunger for learning. This little guy is certainly keeping his parents on their toes…

Did I mention he loves to stand?  Crazy to think he has been doing this since he was a few weeks old.

Oh the many faces of Justice!


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It’s been a long difficult week. A sick baby and a sleepless mom without the help she needed. Glad the worst is over… This is the second series of photos Justice has taken with daddy’s baby blanket thats been around for more than 40 years.  With baby not feeling his best, we kept photos short and sweet this week.

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