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If you would have told me five years ago that not too long from then I would have four kids and be married to a wonderful man, I would not have believed you for a moment.  But I have had so many beautiful blessings come my way in recent years, my growing family being the biggest! While Justice is my first born, he is not my only child. I adopted Miss Marissa in 2013 as a single parent, and dad had two older children of his own before we met, Ryan and Nadya. Each one of our teens are in a stage of developing their passions and talents, and it is so fun to see them prosper in their respective arts.

Ryan has been the musical master of the group, taking leadership roles in his high school marching band and winning numerous awards for his talent over the years. Marissa has a beautiful singing voice and loves to dance, but she is still working on the courage to show her talent to others freely.  Nadya is an amazing drawer and I am working with her now to write, illustrate and publish her first book this summer.  I hope baby can be inspired by his older siblings and their passions. Right now he is starting to show interest in making noise, banging on things, copying rhythms and blowing into flutes. I am excited to see where this goes!

As much as we would like to have them all around, all the time, it is rare when both of dad’s kids are in Fresno with us (mainly because the oldest, Ryan, is so busy and his visits here are few and far between). But this week was one such opportunity when all four of our kids were together, so off to the park we went to capture sibling photos for baby Justice!  My hope is in the future Justice will look back at these images, forming memories of his early years through the pictures, knowing how much he is loved but us all.

IMG_3207 IMG_3217 IMG_3237 IMG_3231bw IMG_3251 IMG_3344 IMG_3273bw IMG_3227 IMG_3355bw IMG_3378 IMG_3410

Oh, and he is learning to blow kisses!


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This was a big week for us!  We took a trip up the Northern Coast of California into the heart of redwood country. Justice loved hiking with us and exploring the forest floor on his own through both touch and taste! He was even copying the sounds of the creaking trees to our amazement. These days he is full of expression and great joy for new experiences, he cannot hide his delight even for a second. How wonderful it has been to watch this budding soul observe and take in the world around him. As I said before, he is clearly a nature boy!  I love him so so much.

IMG_3077 IMG_3013 IMG_3068 IMG_3057 IMG_3098 IMG_3160 IMG_3095 IMG_3051 IMG_3151bw IMG_3172 IMG_3144

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This week we were fortunate enough to have big sister Nadya home during her spring break. It was a perfect time to capture some photos of the two of them, showing how much Justice adores his sister (even when he is extremely tired). If you look closely, his first upper tooth began cutting through. With his new tooth comes a new grin, a cute scrunched up his nose when he smiles!

IMG_7213 IMG_7286 IMG_7271 IMG_7207bw IMG_7437 IMG_7335bw

Justice was so tired that as soon as they laid in the grass, he began crying. He ended up taking a 3 hour after nap after these photos?!


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I love the fall colors and could not resist letting baby Justice experience them for himself.  Our strong new sitter (at only 4 months) was happy to sit in a pile of leaves, excited to explore them through touch, and in true baby fashion, taste. I wondered if he would also be willing to lay in them.  Sure enough, no fuss, he went straight for grabbing and holding his feet (something he has been perfecting over the past two weeks). Looks like my little guy may be a nature buff, as he really took the whole scene in and seemed to enjoy being close and personal with nature.

This week, because of the holiday break, we have a house full of kids, 4 teenagers and a baby to be exact. This should be interesting…  Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!

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Two years ago a Judge signed papers officially making me a mother to a beautiful young lady named Marissa.  With the celebration of October 4th as our “gotcha forever” day, it’s always a time of reflection on the journey the two of us have been on together.  Parenting is a tough job, I recently became a member of the biological parent club, but for over 4 years I have parented children whom were not born to me. Ones whose back stories would break your heart, whom still struggle with the damage done so many years ago. Our journey together continues to evolve each and every day.

Since our littlest member of the family arrived this summer, something changed in Marissa.  She has been less resistant to my parenting, more accepting of us as HER family, and even a bit more loving. Was it Justice who prompted this change? I am not really sure.  But her attitude is so much more positive these days, she has been putting a great effort in her school work this year and has shown herself to be responsible and trustworthy at home. I am SO grateful for these changes!  I praise her daily and I can see our bond is growing stronger.  It feels like some of the fruits from the years of trials and hard work are finally coming to bear.

So for week 11, in honor of our “gotcha forever” anniversary, I felt it was a perfect moment to feature big sister Marissa with baby Justice. They were perfect models together, and I hope they treasure these images together as much as I do.

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Photographing this family for the second time was such a joy. Seeing little Cami go from a 6 month old with big a personality, to a beautifully sweet 3 year old and big sister to baby Asher.  But this time it was Asher who was the star of the show, and he was a fabulous subject to capture indeed!!! I was captivated by his eyes, and he had no shortage of smiles for me. I loved every moment I spent with him and his family.



IMG_6621 IMG_7044 IMG_7255bw



IMG_6979 IMG_7105








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Meet Warren, a very busy boy who I can see has the heart of all his family. He is about to turn two, but that is not the only reason that number is significant in his life at the moment. With his birthday is also the news that he will become a big brother to not one but TWO little boys soon! A double set of congratulations to Warren and his family!!!!

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Nearly 6 years ago I remember taking a little road trip to photograph this family for the first time, it was a maternity session for Kaia.  It is amazing how fast time passes, children grow and families expand.  I was so thrilled to find out they were expecting their second, another precious girl, and invited me back to capture the first moments of their newest little one’s life.  Our session was lucky enough to coincide with the almond blossoms, which made a beautiful backdrop for an even more stunning expectant mom. And take a look at Kaia, she loves the camera, and it loves her too!

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