Where’s mommy? {Week 40 of the 52 week art challenge}

Late last week I injured my back and have been in so much pain that the bed has been my home. It’s been no fun, and I am missing my boy. But I am so grateful for Daddy, Grandma and sister as they have all stepped up and cared for our active boy while I am healing. Justice started cruising around the furniture and Daddy has been encouraging him more and more to walk. He even commented that I should get better fast as I may miss his first independent steps…  I was able to get up for a bit to take some pictures of baby with his new push toy outside.  I could not bend over due to my back, but these looking down images are fun too!

IMG_8069 IMG_8136 IMG_8072 IMG_8059 IMG_8128 IMG_8094

Now that Justice is a full on crawler, we really have to watch him.  Looks like it is time to childproof the house and put up the cat food that he goes straight for every time…


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