Sister Adoration {Week 38 of the 52 week art challenge}

This week we were fortunate enough to have big sister Nadya home during her spring break. It was a perfect time to capture some photos of the two of them, showing how much Justice adores his sister (even when he is extremely tired). If you look closely, his first upper tooth began cutting through. With his new tooth comes a new grin, a cute scrunched up his nose when he smiles!

IMG_7213 IMG_7286 IMG_7271 IMG_7207bw IMG_7437 IMG_7335bw

Justice was so tired that as soon as they laid in the grass, he began crying. He ended up taking a 3 hour after nap after these photos?!


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  • April 16, 2016 - 6:12 pm

    Marilyn Higgins - Beautiful shots of Justice & Nadya!!

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