Month 10 is here! {Week 43 of the 52 week art challenge}

At 10 months old, Justice is growing and changing daily. He has a funny little army crawl, but by far prefers to be on his feet. He is an expert cruiser, can pull himself to standing and walks with us all over the house while holding our hand.  He has not yet found the confidence to walk on his own, but I suspect he will soon. Along with cutting his 7th tooth last week, Justice has a new passion for solid foods and he demands that we share what is on our plate with him.

We are pleased that that he only wakes up once a night to eat (a recent shift from the 3-4 times we had to feed him each night!) He has been practicing his vocal abilities and discovered his ear shattering yell is a great way to get our attention. It is easy to get him to laugh with a silly face, noise or a tickle, and our two kitties bring him so much joy these days.

Big sister assisted me with his 10 month session and I could not help but include her hands and feet.  These high-top Converse with rainbow laces are so her and will go down in my memory as classic 16 year old Marissa.

IMG_9338 IMG_9506 IMG_9443 IMG_9545 IMG_9467bw IMG_9572 IMG_9280 IMG_9501 IMG_9461bw IMG_9382

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