Eleven Months! {Week 48 of the 52 week art challenge}

In the last month Justice has had a burst of growth with new skills.  Early on last month he cut tooth #8. He no longer does his army crawl, but does the typical baby crawl with a robotic flare to it. While he took a few steps on his own 12 days ago, he has not attempted it since. He has been using language, like saying and waving “hi” pretty reliably. Recently as we were listening to his babbles we realized that he is saying “O My God” and copying lots of sounds he hears. Now we have to be more careful what we say around him since is now our little mocking bird! He has also been eating so much more solid food.  Just 2 days ago he had his biggest solid meal ever! He now eagerly eats whatever we are eating for our meals.

One commitment that we have kept over the past 9+ months is cloth diapering our little man. It has been a family endeavor indeed. Dad is the one who cleans off the “solid” waste, I wash and dry the diapers, and sister periodically helps me stuff them. We have over 35 pocket diapers, more than enough for one baby! Ideally we do 2 loads of diaper laundry a week, washing half of his “stash” at a time. Although recently we have been stretching it, perhaps it has gone a bit too far…  Because of waiting too long to wash the most recent load of diapers, I had to do some extra washing to get the smell out of them. With most of his diapers cleaned all at once, this allowed me the opportunity to get a “stash” shot showing off his colorful “fluff.”  We decided to make a heart and put him in the middle of it.  This was no easy task as Justice is a fast mover, but we got it!!!

IMG_2886-11 IMG_2775 IMG_2806 IMG_2864bw

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