Eight Months! {Week 34 of the 52 week art challenge}

Today our little guy turned 8 months old with lots of new growth and things to share about him. While he has yet to crawl, he is a very active boy; spinning around on his tummy, grabbing anything in sight, he wants to constantly be on the move, and he just started pulling himself up on his own today! Two teeth have come in the last month and he is defiantly using them… His favorite food is yogurt with mashed banana mixed in, gobbling it up every time I offer it. He doesn’t like when I leave his side these days, and will quickly protest if he notices. His velcro cloth diapers are becoming an issue as he can easily take them off now.  He took it off at least 4 or 5 times just trying to get these photos of him this afternoon. Thank goodness we have lots of snap diapers too.

My very favorite thing he does lately is crack up every time we laugh. He loves laughter and I can see he is understanding our emotions and reacting to them more and more.  He has been saying some words on a regular basis in all his babbles; mama, mum, maaaaaaa!, baba, and dada. He is even starting to wave goodbye to people.  He still has proven to be a very social boy, loves meeting other young children and babies and always wants to touch them.  It’s pretty easy to get a smile out of him and strangers delight in his little grins when they interact with Justice. He also is getting to be a pretty good sleeper most nights, sleeping 10-12 hours and waking up about 3 times to eat during that time (one night he only woke up twice!?!) He has been an exhausting pleasure to have in our lives.

IMG_6063 IMG_6438 IMG_6243bw IMG_6342 IMG_6219bw IMG_6392 IMG_6407 IMG_6457 IMG_6377 IMG_6199bw IMG_6495 IMG_6244

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