Child of the Forest {Week 49 of the 52 week art challenge}

This was a big week for us!  We took a trip up the Northern Coast of California into the heart of redwood country. Justice loved hiking with us and exploring the forest floor on his own through both touch and taste! He was even copying the sounds of the creaking trees to our amazement. These days he is full of expression and great joy for new experiences, he cannot hide his delight even for a second. How wonderful it has been to watch this budding soul observe and take in the world around him. As I said before, he is clearly a nature boy!  I love him so so much.

IMG_3077 IMG_3013 IMG_3068 IMG_3057 IMG_3098 IMG_3160 IMG_3095 IMG_3051 IMG_3151bw IMG_3172 IMG_3144

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