Big Time Cutie {Week 44 of the 52 week art challenge}

This week baby was not feeling his best. Restless nights, lower appetite, runny nose and grumpy boy were the challenges we were dealing with. By the time we took these images at the end of the week, he was already on the mend from his sickness and feeling so much better. But to add to feeling crummy, Justice was busy cutting his EIGHTH tooth! It’s not an easy feat to capture his teeth on camera, but he gave me a big toothy grin and you can see them all. I must say, this boy expresses all his feelings without hesitation, and so many of his emotions were present during these photos.

IMG_9992 IMG_0054 IMG_9924bw IMG_9943 IMG_9926bw IMG_0011 IMG_9987 IMG_9955bw IMG_9975 IMG_0056 IMG_9981bw IMG_0092

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