Army Crawl {Week 37 of the 52 week art challenge}

Justice is very active these days. Recently he has shown a big burst of learning. He has not been crawling so we have worked with him daily to encourage him to find mobility, and he finally has! His favorite toy, the wooden stacker, has proven to be great motivation. He just started doing his version of an army crawl, pulling with his hands and dragging his lower body behind him.  He has not gone far this way, only a few feet at a time.  But we are still encouraging him to lift up and use his legs, and once he does, I think there will be NO stopping him! He has also been gaining confidence pulling himself up to standing position.

IMG_6987 IMG_6901 IMG_6989 IMG_6926 IMG_7038bw IMG_7108 IMG_7021 IMG_7177 IMG_7037

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