9 Months Old {Week 39 of the 52 week art challenge}

Every 3 months I have been photographing Justice in my favorite wooden high chair.  Now at 9 months he is towering well above its top! I am not sure we will even be able to get him to sit in it when he is 12 months as he is already so active.  Yet, the most exciting thing is seeing this boy’s mind grow. He is learning so fast, and just this week I was able to get him to say the word “up” several times, in context. He seems to understand what it means and use it to ask us to pick him up.  It is his first officially taught word!  He has been babbling mama and dada for some time now, but “up” is something I worked with him on.  We also have been teaching him baby signs, but he has yet to sign back.  We will keep at it!


Here is his previous 3 months in the same chair.



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